Free online .msg and .eml viewer

No downloads required! is a free online .eml and .msg viewer, parser and converter. It allows to upload a file in one of these two formats and view the message as if it is shown in an email program. If there are any attachments in the messages, then they will be extracted and you will be given download links.

The site also allows to paste the raw source of the .eml message in a web form and then convert it to a human-readable format.

The processed .eml and .msg messages will include the headers. They are hidden by default, but can be easily shown with a click of a button. This is handy if you would like to track the path of a given mail.

In general, the .eml files are simple plain text files. They follow the MIME format and can be opened with any text editor. There are even free email programs available, which will allow you to view such messages. For example, you can use Mozilla Thunderbird for this purpose.

This is not the case with the .msg files, though. There aren’t many options to view them if you don’t have a Microsoft email program, such as Outlook. The .msg files are saved in the MAPI format and need to be processed if you would like to access their contents. The site does exactly this. It converts the .msg files to .eml. In other words, it converts the data from MAPI to MIME format, which gives access to the .msg email data - message, attachments, and headers. The site also provides a link to download the .eml version, based on the converted .msg file.

The tasks that you complete with site are as follows:

1. For .eml (MIME) data:
. 2. For .msg (MAPI) data:
A note about security: Most likely, you are curious what happens to the data that is submitted to the server. The messages and the attachments are stored in a folder that is not accessible over the web. A scheduled task runs every 15 minutes and deletes the files that are older than 30 minutes.